One Bangladesh

“Demanding Recognition of March 25 as International Genocide Day

“Demanding Recognition of March 25 as International Genocide Day and Official Apology from Pakistan for 1971 Genocide” On March 25, the Pakistani army showed their barbarity and killed unarmed sleeping Bangladeshis indiscriminately. The students, teachers, common people, day labourers, and even rickshaw pullers were not spared from their oppression. This heinous slaughter included attacks on Dhaka University, medical college dormitory, police headquarters, and even the slum areas around the university campus. The main goal of this attack was to use genocide and terror to enslave the next generation of Bangladeshis for the rest of their lives.According to the Australian “Sydney Morning Herald”, nearly one hundred thousand people were killed in Bangladesh on March 25, making it one of the most gruesome genocide events in history. There has never been a time in the world history when so many innocent people have been killed and so large a number of women raped without a declaration of war. Brutal Pakistani forces destroyed the offices of the Daily Ittefaq, Daily Sangbad, Weekly Ganobangla, and Daily People on that fateful night. Following the heinous “Operation Searchlight” massacre, the Pakistani army killed many intellectuals and eminent teachers of Dhaka University. Professor Fazlur Rahman Khan, Professor Dr. A.N.M. Manirujjaman, Professor MA Muktadir, Dr Gobindra Chandra Dev, Professors A R Khan Khadim and Professor Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta were killed on the same night.The unprecedented incident of that gruesome murder is condemned by people around the world. Such genocide is considered as an international crime under any circumstances by all international laws. That is why, One Bangladesh, a group of people comprising all intellectuals, professionals and youth of Bangladesh, is demanding recognition of March 25 to be designated as International Genocide Day. At the same time, officials associated with One Bangladesh from across the country want Pakistan to issue a state apology by admitting to the unprecedented genocide.